Sunday, 19 February 2012

***Los Jaivas -Cancion Del Sur (Chile prog 1977)***

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A unique sounding band produces a great album, very cheerfull and melodic classical folkish andean rock music, with great piano and guitar play, augmented with some more traditional instruments.

The music changes throughout the songs, often starting etnic/folkish and slow, but the intesity of the music grows on each passing minute, especially on Dum Dum Tambora, Danzas and Canción Del Sur that build-up is perfectly illustrated. The final Frescura Antigua kicks right in with classical guitars, augmented with some flute wizardry that also makes Canción Para Los Pàjaros such an enjoyable listening.

Los Jaivas in one of the few bands of South American origin I know, but it sure sounds very good, I prefer the next album Alturas de Macchu Picchu over this gem, but this album defines their sound in marvelous fashion.

Recommended, certainly if you like flute and etnic/folk melody and structures.

Listen and you will enjoy this.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. La Vida Màgica, Ay Sí (3:21)
2. En La Cumbre De Un Cerro (5:06)
3. Canción Para Los Pàjaros (3:14)
4. Dum Dum Tambora (7:50)
5. Canción Del Sur (7:39)
6. Danzas (8:44)
7. Frescura Antigua (3:18)

Line-up / Musicians

- Gato Alquinta / vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, trutrucas
- Pajaro Canzani / bass
- Eduardo Parra / electric piano and Mini-Moog
- Claudio Parra / grand piano, keyboards
- Gabriel Parra / drums, percussion and vocals

Guest musicians:
- Alberto Ledo / charango