Friday, 16 March 2012

***Yma Sumac -Miracles (Peru 1971) -Rock with 4 Octave operatic legend voice!***

Yma Sumac was born on September 13, 1922 Ichocán, Peru as Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chávarri del Castillo. A singer with an amazing four octave range, Yma Sumac was said to have been a descendant of Inca kings, an Incan princess that was one of the Golden Virgins. Her offbeat stylings became a phenomenon of early '50s pop music.
In 1971, she released a rock album, called "Miracles" produced by Les Baxter and then returned to live in Peru.Yma wails, moans and twitters her way through a groovy electric guitar backing.
It's the Peruvian lounge goddess doing her wild, wordless 5 octave vocalizations and this is her only album backed by a rock band.
There are no lyrics here, just Sumac's vocal flights which ride over rock textures. Although the rock here sounds like it is straight out of the Berklee College of Music, jazz influenced organ courtesy of Richard Person, Chuck Cowan's guitar, the bass of Roger Cowan and Skippy Switzer's drums, all shine here.