Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Atlantis -It's Getting Better (Vertigo)

1 It's Getting Better 4:52
2 Drifting Winds 5:08
3 Days of Giving 7:24
4 Changed It All 6:06
5 Fighter of Truth 6:19
6 Woman's Sorrow 3:25
7 A Simple Song 1:59

Inga Rumpf - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Karl Heinz Schott - Bass
Ringo Funk - Drums
Dieter Bornschlegel - Guitar
+ Gaspar Lawal - Afro-Percussion (1, 3, 4)

AMG:"Atlantis' second album, It's Getting Better, was the first to be recorded with new members Dieter Bornschlegel (later to join Guru Guru) and Ringo Funk, but it remains firmly cemented within the explorative realms that highlighted the band's debut, at the same time prompting the U.K. music press to describe the band as "the most English of all German groups." This was due in large part to vocalist Rumpf's avowed love of jazz and soul. The funky elements in no way outweighed Atlantis' prog instincts, however, with the seven tracks each spreading out in directions that confirmed the heroics of Atlantis and, in places("Drifting Winds", "Fighter of Truth"), even surpassed it. The opening title track, too, is a triumph, and well deserving of its inclusion on DJ Andy Votel's much- loved Vertigo Mixed anthology."

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