Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Jane -Live at Home (Excellent Live Double Album)

Disk 1:
1. All my friends (4:58)
2. Lady (3:38)
3. Rest of my life (4:42)
4. Expectation (5:32)
5. River (3:51)
6. Out in the rain (6:22)
7. Hangman (11:55)
8. Fire, Water, Earth & Air (4:00)
9. Another way (5:41)
10. Daytime (9:41)
11. Hightime for Crusaders (5:07)

Disk 2:
1. Windows (19:20)
2. Lady (3:29)
3. Fire, Water, Earth & Air (3:37)
4. Another Way (5:07)
5. River (4:02)
6. Out In The Rain (5:46)
7. Hangman (14:06)
8. Windows (23:03)

Klaus Hess - lead guitar, vocals, Taurus bass pedals
Manfred Wieczorke - keyboards, vocals
Martin Hesse - bass, vocals
Peter Panka - drums, vocals

"Considered to be one of the great German spacerock bands of the 70's. JANE plays a Progressive rock navigating between a breathtaking guitar solos, powerful keyboards, polished and mighty arrangements and an almost constantly dragging tempo added up to the typical JANE's touch and were characteristic for a melodic hard rock that had no equal in Germany. Their music sometimes is close to PINK FLOYD works or close to groups like ELOY.

"Together" (underground hard rock) and "Between Heaven & Hell" (space rock) are their classic releases and the recommended purchase. "Fire, Water, Earth and Air" is quite a bit different, sounding more like PINK FLOYD (partly "Meddle", partly "Momentary Lapse of Reason") and ELOY. "Between Heaven And Hell" is the best album I've heard of them. "Here We Are" and "Age Of Madness" are supposed to be other good ones. "

ONE: Sensational stuff!

TWO: Awesome!