Thursday, 19 November 2009

Lighthouse -One Fine Morning (1971)

"Love of a Woman" -Lighthouse

Unlike The Ides of March, which hit it big out of the gate with "Vehicle" and then dropped out of sight, it took this 11-man Canadian group four albums to finally have a hit.

A far brighter and jazzier song than "Vehicle," "One Fine Morning" could have easily been mistaken for Chicago or BS&T. This was a huge band with a big sound -- an unmistakable electric rhythm guitar riff that any beginner could play, all kinds of horns, a string section, shaking tambourines, a funky bass over the extended drum bashing intro, and suitably jazzy electric piano solo.

Somehow, and you have to give them a lot of credit, they get this monstrosity moving in a fast-moving groove, building to a big blast of a climax. You have to love these 70's horn-driven singles that didn't fade out -- they ended in one colossal blasted chord.

Again, a good song that becomes great when heard in its full extended album version...(more)