Thursday, 12 November 2009

David Kitt -the Big Romance

Although on The Big Romance Dublin's alt-folk artist David Kitt audibly upholds many of the key traditions associated with bedsit lands' introspective singer/songwriter muse (softly spoken, self-analytical, bonded brotherly to the sort of kindergarten acoustic guitar filigree's of Trumpton and Camberwick Green), he's a wild card, a textural experimentalist adding the exotic spices of electronica and self-assembly percussion to a genre which has been left to stew in it's own juices for far too long. The Big Romance, his first full-length offering, expands upon the half-sketched themes of his earlier DIY mini-album Small Moments by adding further tangential freshness. "Pale Blue Light", for example, is as contemporaneous as anything on Radiohead's Amnesiac; where layers of rainbow harmony, errant woodwind and Brian Eno synths intertwine over an awkwardly jazzy time-signature. Better still, there's the broodingly repetitious doom-rock mantra of "What I Ask", what Ian Curtis may have sounded like if he'd grown-up listing to Nick Drake rather than Iggy Pop. In his own, unarguably idiosyncratic and folk idiomatic way, David Kitt is creating music as pioneering as Bob Dylan's Blonde On Blonde. --Kevin Maidment

Track Listings
1. Song From Hope St (Brooklyn NY)
2. You Know What I Want To Know
3. Step Outside In The Morning Light
4. Private Dance
5. Pale Blue Light
6. What I Ask
7. Strange Light In The Evening
8. Whispers Return The Sun Rest The Moon
9. You And The City
10. Into The Breeze

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