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Earth Opera -Earth Opera (1968)

"The Red Sox are Winning" -Earth Opera (Earth Opera)

The stylistic explorations pursued by the Beatles in 1966-1967, and the commercial success the group continued to enjoy, inspired other popular musicians to be similarly ambitious and persuaded record companies to take chances on more daring music. Earth Opera is a good example.

The Boston-based group's self-titled debut LP featured a heady mixture of pop, rock, folk, jazz, and classical elements in involved arrangements played on such unusual instruments as mandocello and harpsichord.

Less a rock band than a highly eclectic chamber orchestra, Earth Opera played in an arty style that suited singer/songwriter/guitarist Peter Rowan's songs, with their complicated structures and highly poetic lyrics.

Rowan sang those lyrics, which dealt here and there with anti-war and more generalized sentiments of social dissatisfaction, in a distanced, somewhat artificial tone of voice, using an accent that sounded vaguely British, even when he was mentioning the Red Sox.

But he was rarely so specific, more often concerning himself with "the stage inside my mind" or "the picket fenceposts of your mind," internal landscapes in which wordplay and allusions substituted for specific meaning.

It was a psychedelic language matched by the music, which hurried and slowed, making room for sudden solos and unexpected juxtapositions of instruments.

The result ultimately may have been too ornate and inaccessible for a pop recording, even in 1968, but Earth Opera was very much of its time (review by William Ruhlmann - AMG).

01.Red Sox Are Winning, The
02.As It Is Before
04.To Care at All
05.Home of the Brave
06.Child Bride, The
07.Close Your Eyes and Shut the Door
08.Time & Again
09.When You Were Full of Wonder
10.Death by Fire

Earth Opera:
David Grisman - mandolin, mandocello
Peter Rowan - vocals, guitar
John Nagy - bass
Bill Stevenson - piano, harpsichord, organ, vibraphone
Paul Dillon - drums
Warren Smith - drums, percussion
Billy Mundi - drums, percussion

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