Friday, 6 November 2009

Emtidi -Saat (1972) (Incredibly beautiful seminal German Acid-Folk) (mostly sung in English) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Besides Broselmaschine, Holderlin, and Lang'Syne, this is perhaps the best of the four top albums of 70's german psych-acid-folk era.

"A beautiful, dreamy album by GERMAN FOLK ROCKers Emtidi! This one belongs to Pilz catalogue (where have been signed al the best of German "acid" folk at the beginning of the 70's). A similar experience to Hoelderlin's "Traum" with its entire enchanting, calm and "pastoral" atmosphere. The omnipresence of the deep, fragile and emotional voice of the female singer provides a delicate touch of poetry. The instrumental accompaniment is very classic: a textural world of acoustic sounds from medieval to Celtic, always played with serenity. A few tracks include keyboards' arrangements as in the celestial; epic and organ dominated "Touch the Sun"..." - philippe-ProgArchives-

Maik Hirschfeldt / vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer, flute, cymbals, vibraphone, Muzzle drums-
Dolly Holmes / vocals, organs, electric piano, piano, Mellotron, electric spinet
With:- Dieter Dierks / percussions, bass and help with Mellotron.

Track Listing :

1. Walkin' in the Park (6:27)
2. Träume (3:15)
3. Touch the Sun (11:42)
4. Love Time Rain (2:43)
5. Saat (4:07)
6. Die Reise (10:04)


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