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Catharsis - 32 Mars (1973) (@256)

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"32 Mars" is kind of an EP, clocking in at just 23 minutes; it is short even for French albums of the time.

The title track is included in a full and single version, in addition to the alternate versions of the title tracks of their two previous albums -- "Masq" and "Les Chevrons".

Starting with a cool organ playing a catchy tune, "32 Mars" grows to a full spectacle of psychedelic and experimental showmanship. From the entire band playing in a full fledged lineup to the solo piano playing and then to tribal percussion and other instruments (such as a wacky style sax), this has the full gamut of what this band was capable of - not only in terms of playing and instrumentation but also in being able to create varied psychedelic textures and soundscapes. It's a great ride made up of smaller segments that make it up a varied whole. The goofiness shown in some parts of the tracks balances the more psychedelic and spacey parts, adding distinction to the sound.

Line-up :
- Yves de Roubaix / bass, guitar, vocals
- Charlie Eddie / drums, percussion
- Roland Bocquet / keyboards, vocals
- Patrick Mouila / vocals, guitar, percussion

Track List :
01. 32 Mars - 11:08
02. Masq - 4:15
03. Les Chevrons - 4:59
04. 32 Mars - 3:07

More greatness from this band!


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