Thursday, 7 January 2010

Mandrake Memorial -Puzzle (1969 great U.S Psychedelic mixed classical and avant garde elements -3rd album)

"The Mandrake Memorial came together sometime in the late 60's in Philadelphia This talented bunch has released three excellent albums between 1968-1970, quite an impressive output in creative terms Any collector of 60's Psychedelia will tell you that Puzzle, Mandrake's ambitious third and final album, is regarded today as one of the greatest psychedelic albums. Stylistically similar to some of the Boston bands of that era (Ultimate Spinach in particular), Mandrake Memorial's digging into complex trippy Psychedelia has in a particular), Mandrake Memorial's digging into complex trippy Psychedelia has in a way anticipated progressive rock From the opening track 'Earthfriend Prelude' and throughout this magnificent artistic album, Puzzle blends tripped out orchestral experimentation with quasi- religious music. Fusing drum crescendos, whispers, weird effects and choirs, with a high degree of instrumentation, we're talking about an ambitious early concept album."

"Even the album cover art is really weird and demented, featuring a well known painting with chrome plated maggots inching their way up an endless flight of stairs.

While not for everyone, Puzzle shrouds itself in a velvet mystery.

It’s a totally unique experience within the world of pyschedelia that sounds completely unfamilar!" (2nd quote from Jason from

1. Earthfriend Prelude
2. Earthfriend
3. Just A Blur (Version 1)
4. Hiding
5. Just A Blur (Version 2)
6. Tadpole
7. Kyrie
8. Ocean's Daughter
9. Volcano Prelude
10. Volcano
11. Whisper Play
13. Children's Prayer
14. Puzzle
15. Just A Blur (Version 3)
16. Something In The Air
17. Musical Man

Weird and lovely


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